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Terms of use of the iRIC software

Article 1 (Licensing)

  • The Software was prepared by the iRIC project. After accepting the Terms of use, users of the Software ("Users") may perform downloading procedures on the iRIC website (, install the Software on the computer to which it was downloaded and use it for free. If the Users do not accept the Terms of use, they should immediately uninstall all the files related to the Software which was acquired by downloading and delete them from their computer.
  • According to the Terms of use, the iRIC project approves the use of the Software to the Users who accepted the Terms of use and performed downloading procedures.

Article 2 (Prohibited matters)

  • Performing downloading procedures by using false registration information is prohibited. If the iRIC project judges that downloading procedures are explicitly performed by using false information, it may reject downloading by the User.
  • Reproduction, transfer, lending and public transmission of the Software is prohibited.
  • Alteration and disassembling of the Software in any manner is prohibited.
  • Using the Software for criminal acts, war or acts of combat or other acts which violate laws or regulations, acts for using or providing harmful programs such as computer viruses or programs and all the acts which may lead to the above-mentioned is prohibited.
  • Pursuant to the above, all acts which are judged as inappropriate by the iRIC project are prohibited.
  • The iRIC project assumes no responsibility for any dispute which occurs from acts which violate prohibited matters mentioned in this article. In the case that conflicts occur by prohibited acts conducted by the User, the User shall handle all the outcomes at its own expense and assume all responsibility and shall compensate for any damages incurred by the iRIC project (including legal fees).

Article 3 (No warranty)

  • The iRIC project does not provide a guarantee in any manner for operation of the Software. The iRIC project also does not guarantee that the outcomes of the Software are errorless.
  • The iRIC project does not provide any kind of support concerning operating methods and performance of the Software to each User in any manner.
  • Bug reports and opinions of the Users are accepted anytime on the iRIC website.

Article 4 (Indemnity)

Regardless of the legal ground of action, all the related parties of the iRIC project and persons who are concerned with the development of the Software assume no responsibility for any damages or troubles caused by using the Software or inability to use the Software (all the troubles including loss or damage of information of Users). The iRIC project assumes no obligation for correction and modification of defects or flaws of the Software.

Article 5 (Cease of use)

  • In the case that the User violates items stipulated in the Terms of use, the iRIC project may require the User to cease using the Software without any preliminary notice.
  • Due to any compelling reasons, the iRIC project may request the Users to cease the use of a part or all of the Software.

Article 6 (Applicable law)

Regardless of place of residence or utilization area of the Users, the laws and regulations of Japan shall be applicable to the use of the Software.

Article 7 (Quotation)

When preparing publications including research papers, reports or articles by using the results created by the Software, the Users shall indicate the use of the Software at an appropriate location.

Article 8 (Change of Terms of use)

The iRIC project may modify the Terms of use without an approval by the Users.

Article 9 (Others)

In the case that any doubt arises concerning matters which are not stipulated in the Terms of use, it shall be settled in an amicable manner via discussion between the iRIC project and the User.

iRIC Member Registration

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