Nays CUBE is a three-dimensional solver of river flow and bed deformation.

The basic equations of three-dimensional flow that incorporate the dynamic water pressure.  This solver can simulate the fully three-dimensional flow phenomena, such as, the secondary current of the first kind, the horseshoe vortex around river structures, etc., and associated bed morphodynamic features. So, this solver can cover wider range of phenomena compared with 2D models, although it requires one-order (or more) larger
CPU time. Therefore, this solver is suitable to be applied not on wide region of a river but on a limited portion for detailed analysis.
The right figure shows an example for simulated the secondary flow of the first kind at a river bend.

NaysCUBE equips sophisticated turbulence models (non-linear k-epsilon model, etc.). The right figure is an example of the simulation of the secondary current of the second kind in a rectangular straight open channel flow. 
NaysCUBE ver.3 also equips the module for simulating driftwood transport as shown in the figure below. 


This solver employs a generalized curvilinear coordinate system, which transfer the complicated river topography to a group of cubes. The name of this solver is come from this process.
Let's try from "NaysCUBE Example (Real River Version)" and enjoy interesting world of 3D simulations for rivers! 


naysCUBE tutorials for iRIC ver.3 updated on 25-10-2018

3 examples for naysCUBE on iRIC ver.3,including driftwood,river bend and secondary current of the second kind.

Solver Manual

NaysCUBE solver manual.


NaysCUBE Examples.

sample project file

sample project file

geographic data

geographic data

NaysCUBE ver.3.00.6 Solver Manual

Solver manual for NaysCUBE ver.3.00.6. The changed parts from the previous version is shown as yellow shadowed.

Solver body of NaysCUBE ver.3.20.1

Bugfix version of NaysCUBE. - A bug at the computation of bed collapse by exceeding the angle of repose has been fixed. - The inlet boundary condition is modified to improve the stability of bed computation.

NaysCUBE ver.3.00.6 32bit bug fix version

This is the bug-fix version of NaysCUBE ver.3.00.6 for 32bit. (64bit version of NaysCUBE ver.3.006 does not have this bug.)

U-shape channel generator

U-shaped curved channel can be genearated easily by this tool. You can set the curvature ratius, the angle of the curve, the channel width, the length of inlet and outlet straight channels and grid cell numbers arbitorary.

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