Morpho2D (Previous version of Nays2DH)

What is Morpho2D ?

Morpho2d is the unsteady horizontal two dimensional bed deformation analysis solver which is developed by Hiroshi Takebayashi, Kyoto University. The governing equations are written in boundary fitted general coordinate system. In 2009, the solver was installed RIC-Nays Version 1.0 which is the free software developed by RIC. Some functions are added to the original version and the improved version is installed into iRIC Version2.0 on March 2011.

Morpho2D can treat the non-uniform sediment and can reproduce the horizontal distribution of bed material. In addition, generation, development and migration process of bars can be reproduced. Morpho2D is often applied to natural rivers. Effect of vegetation on bed deformation can be considered in the model and sediment transport process on rigid bed (ex. rock) can be reproduced.

Morpho2D solver

Morpho2D solver

Solver Manual

Morpho2D Solver Manual


Morpho2D Examples.

Sample data

Morpho2D sample data.

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