What is FaSTMECH ?

“FaSTMECH (Flow and Sediment Transport with Morphological Evolution of Channels)” is a river flow / riverbed variation analysis solver developed by Dr. Jonathan Nelson of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). FaSTMECH employs a cylindrical coordinate system for its lattice system, and because of its flow / riverbed variation calculations under quasi-steady approximation, can perform calculations with extremely long timeframes. Furthermore, FaSTMECH implements a Habitat Calculator, enabling it to evaluate river ecosystems by using the obtained flow / riverbed variation calculation results.

FaSTMECH Solver Manual

FaSTMECH Solver Manual


FaSTMECH Examples Document

Sample Data

Data for FaSTMECH examples

Simple Grid Generator

Simple Grid Generator install in \gridcreators in iRIC root directory

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