What is CERI1D ?

CERI1D is a solver for one-dimensional (1D) unsteady flow calculation. The calculation model was developed by Yasuhiro Yoshikawa of the Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (at Kitami Institute of Technology as of November 2012), and the model was improved to create a solver for iRIC by Takuya Inoue from the Institute and Michihiro Hamaki from Kaihatsu Koei Co., Ltd.

CERI1D is capable of calculating river flow, river ice fluctuations and tsunami propagation into rivers. The main input values are cross-section data, riverbed material, upstream flow rate and downstream water level. Information required to calculate river ice fluctuations includes data on mean air temperature, upstream water temperature, upstream river ice flow rate and downstream river ice area for the section subject to the calculation. CERI1D provides supporting data for the drafting of flood control measures and disaster prevention measures in cold snowy regions.

Solver Manual

CERI1D solver manual.


CERI1D Examples.

Sample Data

Data for CERI1D examples

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