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Adding contour data to IRIC

  • May 15 2019
  • c.niroshinie

I have some contour data in excel and I don’t have access to ARCGIS to create shape files. How can I enter those contour data into IRIC? I am not familiar with QGIS yet. My data has following columns.
Component Id Layer Type Latitude Longitude Value1

Thank you very much.


  1. c.niroshinie says:

    I changed the data as a shape file from QGIS. However, it seems the problem cannot be solved there. My purpose is to insert very fine elevation data of the river bed. Is there any documentation written regarding doing this? I am very new to IRIC.

  2. weldiantoro44 says:

    Good night
    introduce me Weldi from indonesia
    I want to ask about import elevation data that doesn’t appear after being imported. data imported in the form of a .txt file but coordinates do not appear as in the demo.

    Best regards,


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