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Driftwood Trapping by Vegetation

  • Apr 05 2020
  • wickramasighe.a.p.r.047

I have two issues.
1. Is it possible to simulate driftwood jamming around vegetation in NaysCube? I ran a driftwood simulation in a straight channel while incorporating emerged vegetation cells in the middle of the channel. But could`t observe the trapping of driftwood.

Is it because that solver does not reflect driftwood spheres that intrude vegetation cells? Just like when obstacle cells are there, is there any repulsion coefficient defined for driftwood and vegetation?

2. However, I observed driftwood jamming around staggered obstacles. I used 3D computation for wood motion and two-way model for interaction between the flow model and driftwood model. But there`s no any difference in water depth/velocity compared to “no driftwood” case. The files of “no driftwood” and “with driftwood” cases are attached herewith.

A clarification regarding these will be highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Driftwood Simulation.rar
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  1. Ichiro says:

    Answer to 1:
    Unfortunately, the setting of vegetation does not affect the driftwood
    motion directly,
    In the vegetation model of NaysCUBE, the vegetation effect is modeled as
    drag force to the flow.
    Such model cannot obstacle the motion of driftwood but just decelerate

    Answer to 2:
    In the case of your computation, the number of driftwood pieces is not
    so many and the jaming of the driftwood at upstream of the obstacles
    does not happen.
    In this case, the effect of driftwood to the flow is very small.
    That looks the reason why the two results are very similar.


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