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Calculating Roughness

  • 2020年11月16日
  • adrmart

Hi! When calculating the roughness coefficient it says to refer to page 33 of the Flood Simulation manual. I can’t seem to download it (though if I can find it I have someone that can help with the Japanese!) I have a few questions: 1) for Theta, the proportion of landuse – should that be a whole number or decimal or percent? And when solving n, it seems to solve for n^2. Should we then take the square root of that number to input into the model or do they consider n^2 the roughness value?


  1. inoue-t より:

    The flood simulation manual is no longer available for download. The related content has been copied to page 33 of the Nays2DFlood example (iRIC ver3.0). 1) Theta is percent. 2) Please input the square root (i.e., n not n^2) into iRIC.


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