Retirement Memorial Lecture and Party

Chubetsu River Flood and CHannel Deformation (gif animation)  (mp4 animation)

Free Meander and Natural Cutoff (gif animation)   (mp4 video)

     Free Meandering with Discharge Hydrograph

The Kushiro River Simulation

Now it looks real, isn't it !!!

Something Wrong with my Free Meandering Simulation

  Water Fall from Sluice Dam

Female type Free Meandering Simulation

  Levee Breach Simulation of Chiyoda Experimental Channel (千代田実験水路)

iRIC output for Google Earth  Toyohira River(YouTube) , Appetsu River(YouTube)

Toyohira River(Avi) and Appetsu River(Avi)

Snow Avalanche Simulation I    Snow Avalanche Simulation II by MPS Method 

Simulation of Dune Formation with Mixture Grain

Red River Flood Simulation Combined with Google Earth  I

Red River Flood Simulation Combined with Google Earth  II

Samoa Flooding Simulation  

2D Flow and Bed Deformation Model (Public Domain Software)
A meandering channel with width variation
Flow with groins

Sand Dune Simulation under Unsteady Discharge Condition