1-dimensional solver for flow and morphology in rivers with general shaped cross-section

Nays1D+ is a one-dimensional solver for rivers with general cross-sectional shape. This solver can calculate flows by non-uniform steady flow model as well as unsteady flow model. The solver also calculate bed deformation considering bedload. The obstacles such as bridge pier and spur-dikes, inflow from tributaries can be also considered in the computaions. You can visualize the results using two-dimensional visualization window equiped in iRIC with the methods of color contour, vectors, particl trace, ets. 

English documentation for Nays1D+

This is the simplified English explanation for one-dimensional solver "Nays1D+".

Nays1D+ ver.1.00β solver

This is the solver body of Nays1D+. You can install it as follows. <br/> 1. Unpack the lzh file. <br/> 2. Copy the folder named "Nays1Dp_v1.00.0_64bit" at the solver installed folder in your PC. Usually, the solver installed folder is: <br/> C:\Program Files\iRIC 2.3(x64)\solvers <br/> That's all.

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