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About iRIC

The International River Interface Cooperative (iRIC) was started in 2007 by Professor Yasuyuki Shimizu (Hokkaido University) and Dr. Jonathan Nelson (USGS) with the purpose of (1) developing a software platform called iRIC for numerical simulation of flow and morphodynamics in rivers and (2) providing seminars and educational material to support that software.

iRIC Software

iRIC software is a free numerical simulation platform supporting a wide variety of computational solvers for problems in water science and engineering. The software began as a river flow and morphodynamics analysis tool but has now expanded to treat a much wider suite of problems including predictions of flooding, rainfall runoff generation, tsunami propagation, debris flows, habitat assessment and more. As a community effort, the iRIC team welcomes new solver contributions from scientists and engineers around the world. iRIC capabilities are always growing!

iRIC Website

iRIC software, educational materials, and related information is distributed through the iRIC website (this site). iRIC software is updated from time to time, so check periodically either here or through the web update functionality under “Options” in the iRIC software. Information on iRIC seminars held each year around the world is also announced on this site. Those who wish to participate in these free workshops should register as a user, as the iRIC team chooses seminar locations based on user concentrations around the world.

iRIC Workshop

The iRIC team offers several educational seminars introducing iRIC software at different locations each year (in about 50 countries so far). In these seminars, an introduction to the basic functionalities of the iRIC interface is followed by presentations of the mathematical and physical development of a suite of numerical simulation solvers. Through tutorials and application examples, students quickly learn how to use the software to address real world problems. Interactions between the iRIC team members and students at these seminars helps to drive new developments and software improvements, so these seminars are really a fundamental part of the iRIC community-driven development program.

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