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EvaTRiP Pro

EvaTRiP Pro is an analysis tool for calculation result of rive channgel flows, that is developed to provide a useful tool
that can be used for wide variety of purposes, based on functions of EvaTRiP.
It can be used to analyse calculation results of arbitrary river channel solvers, including Nays2DH.
EvaTRiP Pro is the solver developed with Python, and the source code is available with license that allows users to
modify it.
If users want to execute advanced analysis than in EvaTRiP Pro, users can edit source code of EvaTRiP pro, to add
their own functions, and use them.
We hope that many users will use EvaTRiP Pro in their researches, educations, and businesses, and that will leads to
the river designs considering for better environments.

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