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Solver Manual

Nays2DV is a computational model for simulating two dimensional vertical plane flow. Model was developed for calculation of vertical movement of fluid (density flow). The Nays2DV solver is developed by Professor Yasuyuki Shimizu from Hokkaido University.
When the density of a fluid changes due to temperature or turbidity, a buoyancy force occurs due to the density difference with the surrounding fluid and this buoyancy force induces a flow. This is called density flow. Density flow is important in problems in lakes, reservoirs and estuaries.
This manual explains the basic equations used for the model, solution methods and boundary conditions.
Nays2DV model can be used to analyze, density currents due to concentration differences, vertical 2D flow over continuous dunes, heat transport from a heat boundary, gravitational driven density currents, density currents with cosine shaped bottoms etc. For hands on examples of the model please refer to the example manual.

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