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Announcement of corrections in iRIC ver.2.3 (2)

iRIC ver.2.3 was released on 6/13 (Fri.).
A number of users contacted us and reported GUI problems in the new version. We apologize for inconvenience. However, we are trying our best to fix these problems in the near future.

By these reasons, we changed the new version of iRIC (ver.2.3) to a beta version until the problems will be fixed.

We will appreciate it if you report us in the case you notice any bug in iRIC ver.2.3. You will be informed about the new release immediately after it will be announced.

[The reported problems]
・The solver using unstructured grid may not be compatible between iRIC ver.2.2 and iRIC ver.2.3 depend on your PC.
・Nays2DH solver does not start calculation in 32bit PCs without Fortran compiler.
・After saving your project, including image files with coordinate date, the image files cannot be opened correctly (or may disappear).
・A ghost folder may appear in the Object Browser under Geographical Data folder.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,

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