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New solver : Mflow_02

This is an announcement about new released solver, Mflow_02beta version.

Mflow_02beta is provided by Dr. Gamou from Gamou Intelligent Technology Company, Japan. Mflow_02beta is a solver to calculate two-dimensional plane unsteady flow and riverbed morphology by unstructured grids using finite element method.

By applying the characteristics of unstructured grids, this model can calculate flooding on complex topographies, like floodplains and river channel networks with many distributaries and confluences.

We will appreciate if you read the following procedure, and install the Mflow_02beta solver.

★procedure (Following procedure explains the case for 64bit PC. The case for 32bit is identical with this procedure) ★
1) Login into the iRIC website
2) Download “Mflow_02 solver beta version (64bit)”
3) Unzip “Mflow_02_v64.lzh”
4) Copy the folder “Mflow_02_v64” into “C:/Program Files/iRIC 2.3(x64)/solvers”

Thank you very much.

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