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Updated iRIC software

Information of fixed and new functions of iRIC software 

New functions:
・When you try to modify the calculation conditions during the calculation run, warning dialog will be displayed (prompt message).
・In the post-processor, the minimum value of flow velocity vectors are changed from 0.00001 to 0.00000001.

Fixed issues:
・An unnecessary file named “Case1.cgn.temp” is sometimes remained in your (project) folder when you stop the project during the calculation run.
・If there are several same coordinate points when several DEM data (ex. *.txt, *.dat extensions) are imported into the iRIC project, grid generation functions by using TIN does not work properly.
・Index information of DEM data does not export correctly as “*.dat” extension.
・When you open a project file made by unstructured grid solvers and after that install mesh data written in *.node extension, iRIC software will be abnormal end.
・When you use the grid generator named” crate grid from river survey data”, if you delete grid generation conditions in the state of the displaying river cross-section data, iRIC software will be abnormal end.
・When you use the grid generator named “crate grid from river survey data” and display the river cross-section data, and then you return grid generation conditions to the initial state with grid partitioning points are selected, iRIC software will be abnormal end.
・In the “create grid from river survey data”, partitioning grid points cannot be moved easily by using mouse.

That’s all. Thank you.

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