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Updated iRIC software

Information of fixed and new functions of iRIC software New functions:
・iRIC logo will appear on the pre-processor and post-processor window.
・Warning message will applear on the pre-processor window if you want to change the calculation conditions or make a new save file during calculation.
・When you make boundary conditions such as inflow points without polygon, edit condition window will not appear (we recommend to use polygon for set boundary conditions).
・When you select “attribute mapping -execute “, you can select objects which you want to mapping on the grids.

Fixed issues:
・Small bug in recalculation process as followings was repaired.
1) user saved the calculation results as a project file format (not ipro file) → 2) user starts calculation again by using previous data saved as a project file format → 3) if user does not select to save the project file again before calculation restarts, iRIC project will be corrupted.

That’s all. Thank you.

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