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New release ”ELIMO version2″

The Tsunami solver, ELIMO, equipped in iRIC software was upgraded to version2 by Dr. Watanabe in Hokkaido University, Japan.

The features of ELIMO version2 are as below;
The bathymetry convert software “gebco2s2014” for 2014 format of GEBCOdata has been provided. The elastic rectangular fault model by Okada (1985) and the tsunamigeneration model by Tanioka and Satake (1996) have been introduced. The arbitrary fault models with asperities can be used for ELIMOcomputations by using a batch file input function for the faultparameters, which provides arbitrary past and scenario tsunami computations.

How to get?
Uninstall current iRIC software from your PC and then download the latest iRIC installer from iRIC HP ( after login to the HP.

The solver manual of ELIMO version2;

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