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Upgraded iRIC software

We have an issue of the latest iRIC software (2015/10) on Windows 7. So, iRIC software is now returned to the previous version (2015/8). We are sorry for your inconvenience. Thank you.

Thank you for using iRIC. We added new functions and fixed few issues as below this time. 

【Fixed issues】

1) When a lot of polygon shape files are imported and there is a hole in the center of any polygons, iRIC does not import the data correctly. The latest version has been fixed this issue.

2) In the Atribute Browser, significant digits such as bed topography are lost. In the latest version, it has been fixed. 

3) In the 1-D graph window, the skip function for time in the X axis did not work. In the latest version, it has been fixed.

4) The default setting of the attribute mapping window was changed. The previous window showed that all valuables are initially selected (checked) for mapping. In the latest version, those checks are removed as a default.

5) When your calculation fails, the velocity of the 1-D graph was shown error value. In the latest version, it is modified as the velocity on the 1-D graph will be shown as “0”.

【New functions for solver developers】

1) In the definition file, solver can specify which grid generator the solver can use.

2) In the definition file, solver can specify the arrangement of Geographic Data in the Object Browser by using the code, named “keepOrder=”true”.

Thank you.


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