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Upgraded iRIC software

Thank you for using iRIC. We added new functions and fixed few issues as below this time.

1) Post-processor (visualization): shear stress (Nm-2) is added.
2) Calculation condition: “free outflow” is added as one of the boundary conditions for water surface at downstream

【Fixed issues】
1) When many polygon shape files were imported and there was a hole within several polygons, iRIC could not import the polygon data correctly. The issue has been fixed.

2) In the Attribute Browser on post-processor, the number of significant digits was reduced. The issue has been fixed.

3) In the 1-D graph window, the skip function for T (time) was not working in the X axis. The issue has been fixed.

4) In pre-processor, the default setting of the attribute mapping window was changed. Previously, the window was showing that all valuables were initially selected (checked) for mapping. While, in the current version, those are not checked as default. The user has to select the valuables which is needed for mapping.

5) When your calculation fails, the velocity of the 1-D graph was showing error value. In the current version, it is modified as the velocity on the 1-D graph will be shown as “0”.

 【New functions for solver developers】
1) In the definition file, solve can specify a “csv” file, functional calculation condition, as a default setting. In addition, in iRIC, user can export the functional calculation condition data as a “csv” file.

2) In the definition file, solver can specify several grid generators.

3) In the definition file, solver can specify the arrangement of Geographic Data in the Object Browser by using a command as “keepOrder=”true”.

Thank you.

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