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■Notice : iRIC Website Renewal■

Next week, we will renew the iRIC website. Please read the items below related to renewal of the website.

1. Resetting a password
Because the site renewal is also associated with movement to a new server, you will need to reset your password. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we take security seriously, so we need all users to go through this process. The User ID will be transferred as it is.

2. User reregistration for dead emails
Those of you registered using e-mail addresses for iRIC login that are no longer used as your email address will need to update your User ID by reregistering. Please get a new account on the new iRIC website with the e-mail address you are currently using. Accounts with dead emails will not be accessible.

3. Notices
We will switch to a new DNS in relation to site migration. Access to the iRIC Web site may become unstable for several days because the new DNS may take a few days to propagate worldwide. Thank you for your understanding. If you find any unclear points or deficiencies, please contact us below with your questions.

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