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We announce software update information and other activities like new solvers or capabilities here. For workshop information, see Events.


iRIC Software Update Information

iRIC software has been updated today!

  • Function Addition
    • There is not new function for this time.
  • Improvements
    • Even if you have several solver which has the same name in your solvers folder, you can select a solver  which you want to use when you open a project file.
  • Bug fixes
    • Mapping bugs for “Reference Information” in Object browser has been fixed.


Operation Order for the iRIC update

  1. Click “Option>Maintenance”  on iRIC Menu bar.
  2. Click “Close iRIC and launch iRIC Maintenance”
  3. Click “Next” and you can see update information
  4. Click “Next” and the update would be started.
  5. Update would be completed when you see the window.
  6. Click “OK”.
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