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iRIC online seminar with Bolivia

We had an online seminar on modeling of flow and morphodynamics of rivers using the IRIC sponsored by the San Simón University, Bolivia, and the ICHARM, Japan on January 30th and 31th.

[DAY1] Lectures:
[1] Opening words from the director of the Laboratory of Hydraulics of the University Mayor de San Simón (LHUMSS) (Bolivia), Dr. Andrés Gonzales
[2] Computational Challenges in River Morphodynamics by iRIC – by Prof. Dr. Yasuyuki Shimizu
[3] Recent flood hazards with sediment in Japan and application of numerical models to the hazards – by Dr. Daisuke Harada
[4] Numerical simulations of suspended load dominated meandering rivers – by Dr. Kattia Rubi Arnez Ferrel
[5] Closing presentation by Prof. Ledezma.

[DAY2] Workshop:
Introduction and tutorials of the Nays2dH, one of the solvers for the 2D river flow models in iRIC, by Dr. Toshiku Iwasaki.

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