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iRIC Version4 Class at Hokkaido Development Bureau

he iRIC training workshop was conducted at the Hokkaido Development Bureau. The participants included technical staff from the Development Bureau responsible for river-related matters, as well as river technical staff from the Hokkaido Prefectural Government. Additionally, we were pleased to have two participants from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism’s Hamamatsu River Office, who traveled a long distance to attend.

Prior to the training on how to use iRIC, a session covering fundamental knowledge about the characteristics of movable-bed rivers, such as bars, sandwaves, meandering, and sediment transport, was provided and received very positively.

This training session was the first one to be based on the iRIC version4. Unfortunately, there were some issues related to accessing the database of cross-sectional survey data due to office security concerns. However, Version 4 has significantly improved the usability of iRIC’s GUI features, making smooth simulations possible.

If any other organizational units are interested in similar training sessions, we look forward to receiving your inquiries and requests.

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