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iRIC GUI Bug Fix release

Today, new version of iRIC GUI is released. This release contains no new functions, only bug fixes.

The list of bugs fixed are below:

  • When the coordinate system of project is lon-lat coordinate system (ex. WGS 84), when GeoTIFF file with lon-lat coordinate system is imported, the coordinates are not imported properly.
  • Just after importing grids, time-dependent raster data, like rainfall data, is not mapped to grids properly.
  • When project with raster data is loaded, color map information is not properly restored.
  • When user deletes rain fall data, information about time dimension is not discarded properly, and user can not import other rainfall data.
  • When rain fall data is imported from *.tif,  or *.asc, the list of time is overwritten improperly.
  • When user runs solvers that output particle information, after user deletes calculation result, iRIC GUI crashed.
  • When there are calculation results defined at cell centers only, chart windows can not be opened.

Thank you for your continuous support of iRIC!

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