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Compound Channel Model in Nayscube

  • 2022年04月17日
  • safarzade

I’m simulation the 3D flow field in a compound channel with sloped main channel banks. I created the grid using the Multifunction grid generator.
For the case with mild slope banks of the main channel the simulated flow field agrees well with the experimental data. But for the case with steep banks, local velocity amplification occurs along the interface of the main channel and floodplain which does not agree with the experimental data.
any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.


  1. Ichiro より:

    I am sorry for my late responce. I checked your case. In the channel, the slope at the interface between the low-channel and floodplain is 45 degree. How many grid cells in the slope area (y-direction) do you have? Please try to increase the number of cells in the cross-sectional direction.
    I also suggest you to use periodic boundary condition in the streamwise direction if you only need the well-developed flow pattern. That will significanly reduce the CPU time.


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