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iRIC GUI internationalization target languages

  • 2019年12月13日
  • keisuke.inoue

Hi all,

Now I’m thinking about updating the list of locale code for iRIC GUI internationalization.

Currently iRIC GUI has 9 items in “Language” ComboBox, but I want to update the list
so that we do not have to update the list every time when new volunteer ask us to
add their language.

I think is is difficult to create a complete list of languages (and that will be needless also),
so instead I’ve investigated the language list that QGIS prepares dictionaries.

Ths list is as below:

Arabic (_ar)
Bulgarian (_bg)
Bosnian (_bs)
Catalan (_ca)
Czech (_cs)
Danish (_da)
German (_de)
Greek (_el)
Esperanto (_eo)
Spanish (_es)
Estonian (_et)
Finnish (_fi)
French (_fr)
Galician (_gl)
Hindi (_hi)
Hungarian (_hu)
Indonesian (_id)
Icelandic (_is)
Italian (_it)
Japanese (_ja)
Korean (_ko)
Kyrgyz (_ky)
Lithuanian (_lt)
Latvian (_lv)
Norwegian (_nb)
Dutch (_nl)
Polish (_pl)
Portuguese (Brazil) (_pt_BR)
Portuguese (Portugal) (_pt_PT)
Romanian (_ro)
Russian (_ru)
Slovenian (_sl)
Swedish (_sv)
Thai (_th)
Turkish (_tr)
Ukrainian (_uk)
Vietnamese (_vi)
Chinese (簡体字) (_zh-Hans)
Chinese (繁体字) (_zh-Hant)

I think it will be good enough (much better than currently, at least).
Do you have comments or suggestions for language to add to the list?



  1. iRIC admin より:

    Sorry our response late. I totally agree with you and will prepare for it!


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