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Long term simulation

  • 2021年06月17日
  • 075mswre013.pujan

I am using Nays2DH to simulate unsteady flow in a river stretch of about 4 km. I wanted to simulate for 2 months with average daily discharge. While simulating the solvers stops computation at some time steps (as per CPU use) but the program shows the solvers is stilling running however waiting for hours doesn’t progress computation and i have to stop solver using stop button but the solver couldn’t load result to the time step it completed and also couldn’t save the model. Is this a issue with memory?


  1. champon より:

    I guess that you use multiple CPU cores for Nays2DH computation. For some reason, sometimes, the computation stops but seems running. In this case, the iRIC file is broken.

    If possible, please run the model with single core. I am not saying you need to run the model on the PC, which has only single CPU.


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