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“rivファイルCreator” Can not operate

  • 2023年08月12日
  • jinzj_gyy

The message is:Compile error in hidden module:
please help me to solve this problem


  1. KeitaHoshino より:

    Hi jinzj_gyy

    My PC is Windows 64bit and Excel is Microsoft Office 2019, but it worked without problems.
    I think it’s probably due to the PC or Excel version you’re using. “riv File Creator” is an old program.

    Although it is not a method to solve the problem of “riv file creator” itself, current iRIC can import Japan MLIT Cross-secion data without using “riv file creator”.
    In addition, the imported Japan MLIT Cross-secion dat can be exported to “*.riv” format on iRIC, so “riv File Creator” is not required.

    iRIC ユーザーズマニュアル –> 共通機能 –> ファイル(F) –> インポート(I) –> 地理情報 (E)

    iRIC User’s manual » Docs » Common functions » [File] (F) » [Import] (I) » [Geographic Data] (E)

  2. jinzj_gyy より:

    Thanks a lot, I have learned how to import multiple survey section data without using “riv filecreator”.


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