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2d post processing window crashes and close

  • Oct 10 2019
  • juan.estupinan

2d post processing window crashes and close, when I tried export results in form of video or run the animation just the software close. only hapend whit this module, could be a bug?. the result is there and simulation going well, I can see step by step the graphic output, with out a any strange thing until try playing or export.


  1. keisuke.inoue says:

    Dear Juan,

    Thanks for your information, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

    You reported that 2D post processing window crashes and close, when you try to export results to video, when you use SToRM model, so I tried to reproduce the issue, but did not succeed.

    JPEG images and WMV file was successfully exported when I tested.

    I’m afraid maybe the issue is dependent on not model but calculation result data, so can you upload the project file to reproduce the issue, so that I can reproduce the issue and fix the bug?

    Just for your information, below is what I’ve done when I tried to reproduce the issue.

    I downloaded from the following URL, and extracted it.

    In Tutorial_1 folder in the zip file, WorkingSolution.exe exists. It is a self-extract archive file, and when you execute the file, WorkingSolution folder is extracted.

    Then, I did the following procedure.

    1. Select Menu: File -> Open and opended WorkingSolution\project.xml
    2. Select Menu: Calculation Result -> Open new 2D post-processing Window
    3. Click on SToRM Grids/iRICZone/Scalar(node)/Depth to visualize Depth
    4. Select Menu: File -> Continuous Snapshot / Movie / Google Earth Export
    Clicked on “Next” buttons many times and at last “Finish” button

    Keisuke Inoue

  2. juan.estupinan says:

    dear Keisuke, of course i can send you the problem, for weight of the results I prefer send you only the assemling in preprocessing, is very lighweight to run the simulation.
    what I am trying modeling is a tsunami wave toward shore line and run-up phenomenon, this due to the posibility to define initial conditions spacialy in water corp. can you tell me where I can send you the model?

  3. keisuke.inoue says:

    Dear Juan,

    Thanks for your reply.
    OK, I agree that sending project file only with input data is preferable. I can run the model and get the result on my PC.

    > can you tell me where I can send you the model?
    For example, can you upload the *.ipro file to dropbox or google drive etc., and share the URL? Then, I can download it.
    Keisuke Inoue

  4. juan.estupinan says:

    Dear Keisuke, I send you a rar with folder of proyect because I can’t save proyect as *ipro but rather as proyect.
    I thank you very much for your attention.

  5. keisuke.inoue says:

    Dear Juan,
    Thanks for your quick response.
    I’ve downloaded the file you’ve uploaded, and succeeded to reproduce the issue.
    Now we are investigating why it occurs.

    Maybe it will take some time, but we will fix this. Please give us some time.
    Keisuke Inoue

  6. juan.estupinan says:

    Dear Keisuke, thank you so much, I will going to waithing a solution with out hurry. again thank you for you oportune response


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