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A problem about the export of driftwood particles

  • Mar 04 2024
  • 1505346243

Hello everyone,
I am using NaysCUBE to calculate the motion of driftwood, but when I used Paraview for post-processing, I found that there are no driftwood particles present here. But in fact, I can observe the presence of driftwood particles in NaysCUBE. When I want to export particles separately, it provides an error: there are currently no particles.
Very thanks in advance.

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  1. Ichiro says:

    Let me know more detailed situation. Is a file output of no file output?
    If a file output, what is the content of the coutput file?

  2. 1505346243 says:

    Hey Ichiro! Thanks for your reply.
    When I am using Paraview to process the exported vtk file, I can see all the physical quantities except for the driftwood unit, but I cannot see the presence of driftwood particles. When I went to view the exported vtk file, I only saw 0 in the drift_wood item, so what I can determine is not the issue with the paraview post-processing, but rather the problem of IRIC not having float data when exporting the file. I want to try to figure out if the IRIC Cube software can include the discrete particles with driftwood in the vtk file for processing. If you still cannot understand my question, I will attach my source file in another new question. Could you please help me check if it is possible to export the driftwood and put it in the paraview for processing.
    Thank you.


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