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About Failure Running and solver finished abnormally but the result is nothing

  • Apr 27 2024
  • BSCF

“I have simulated the cross-section data along with the boundary conditions and calculation settings according to the field, but the result shows ‘solver has finished abnormally’. From what I’ve run, what could be the reason? and how to solve it?”

Running Kalibrasi Historis Banjir.ipro
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  1. seacarbilly says:

    thank you for the attention and i really need this for my thesis about sediment transport in indonesia rivers

  2. KeitaHoshino says:

    Hello, upon reviewing the attached project, I confirmed that the output shows results until 70 seconds of computation, after which it displays “calculation failure!” This indicates that the calculation is diverging. To resolve this, please verify if the computation grid and conditions are appropriately set.

    Here are some tips for when the calculation doesn’t proceed smoothly. (Japanese only)

    Please check the following points:
    ・The product of “calculation time step × flow velocity” should be smaller than the grid size (Courant-Friedrichs-Lewy Condition).
    ・If the ratio of neighboring grid sizes is too large, the calculation may become unstable.
    ・Calculation may fail if there are areas where the grid is flipped, especially in curved sections.

    You can also perform grid checking using the features of iRIC. Set up the items to check from Option >> Preferences >> Grid Checking in iRIC.


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