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Add new turbulence closure in the existing model

  • Apr 03 2021
  • yanxf666888

Dear Developer,

I am quite cool with IRIC series softwares. I also notice that there is a developer mode for IRIC. However, after reading the introduction, it seems that I can only create a new individual model and attach it in the IRIC. It seems impossible that I couple this new model with the existing model such Nays2DH. Do I understand right?

Further, it is also impossible to modify the existing models such as turbulence models. Do I understand right?

Looking forward to your response



  1. jmn says:

    If you want to change the turbulence closure for a specific existing model, you should contact the solver developer for that solver, as this will require changing the code. There are already a few different choices of closure for various solvers.

    • yanxf666888 says:

      Thanks for you kind reply.
      I think the framework of iric is very good due to its computational stability, very few bugs and good visualization. However, for deeper academic goal, it’s better that people can build new modules on existing models.

      • jmn says:

        The nest version of iRIC (IRICMI) has compete coupling capabilities for multiple solvers and subgroid applications for the same solver. Testing now, works very well. Be patient.

  2. aqiqahmadmosadiq473675 says:



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