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Bank migrations

  • Apr 15 2019
  • jakariapervez

Is it possible to use mfow02 to model bank migrations for a meandering river


  1. mineyukigamou says:

    Hi jakariapervez,

    Thank you for using mfow02, but Is it not possible to use to model bank migrations.

  2. mehdi_rooy says:

    I had a question
    A few days ago on YouTube I saw a series of video tutorials about your software.
    There was a new module called JPP that was developed for the design of the river’s migration.
    Why does not this module exist in your solos on the site?
    Is it possible to send it to me?

  3. mehdi_rooy says:

    OH sorry , it called JP, not JPP. This module also allows long-term modeling, which allows the user to make long-term forecasts.


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