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Calculation is failure

  • Aug 26 2019
  • fajarbgs

I’ve simulated of flood in NAYS2D Flood, but when I run the program it said “Calculation is Failure”.
I suspect the model that I’ve been made, the W grid seems odd, it suits in 0,05 m. but the actual river is 10+ m.
When I changed the width to 10 m, the grid disrupted, I don’t know why.

Data that I’ve been using is import from web, so I think it’s not about the map.

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  1. fajarbgs says:

    Here is the disrupted grid model when I put 10 m in Width

  2. fajarbgs says:

    Here is the solver console display

  3. UC-1h says:

    I think coordinate system is set to latitude/longitude.
    Please set to other system in “m” units.

  4. fajarbgs says:

    Thank you for your response.
    But, the truth is when I put my specific coordinate system (WGS 84 / UTM Zone 49s) it didn’t show anything. Also when I import the elevation data it just got blank. The other coordinate system seems well but troubled in creating grid process.

    Or can you give me a hint about what should I put in X Y offset?

  5. UC-1h says:

    Is the elevation data in “m” units (WGS 84 / UTM Zone 49s) ?
    I think that the elevation data is latitude/longitude data.
    Since Nays2D can only calculate in m units, so you should use “m” units data.

  6. ayukooosaleh says:

    Hi, @fajarbgs.
    I also got the same problem with the grid.
    May we discuss by email?
    thank you for your response.


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