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Calculation Stopped!

  • Feb 02 2020
  • wickramasighe.a.p.r.047

Dear all,

I used Nays1D+ to simulate a river section. I input cross sections in riv. format. Drawn polygons to change roughness value for river and flood plane also. When starting simulation, this error comes.
Your comments are highly appreciated.

Best regards,

1Dplus error.PNG
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  1. i.kimu2 says:

    Could you send “*.ipro” file, if possible?
    I’d like to check the problem.
    Ichiro Kimura

  2. pritikumaricetpa says:

    If your calculation has stopped unexpectedly, there could be several reasons why this has happened. Here are some common reasons:
    Out of memory
    Error in the code
    Infinite loop
    External factors
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