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Console errors

  • Jun 29 2019
  • hosseinamini4

Dear guys
I tried to find a page that related to the errors of the console directly but I could not find. I will be thankful if you put errors here to solve it in detail here.

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  1. hosseinamini4 says:

    First question:
    I tried to model the Kinoshita model based on the example of a sinuous channel (with that hydrologic data) but I couldn’t. It took error from me. How can I solve it?

  2. c.niroshinie says:

    I did the model with Kinoshita channel. what is the error you got? Can you send me the model you create. May be I can help you.

  3. c.niroshinie says:

    May be as the basic step you can reduce the time step and check.

    • hosseinamini4 says:

      I already reduced the time step into (0.001) but again it did not work. Also, I decided to create sinus model with the angle of 90 degrees. in this model also, I could reach to the result.
      Nays2DH Solver Version 1.0.0000 Last updated 2014/5/4
      Copyright(C)2003-2014 by Yasuyuki SHIMIZU, Hokkaido Univ., Japan, and Hiroshi T
      AKEBAYASHI, Kyoto Univ., Japan, All Right Reserved
      0.000 1.0000 0.3343 0 out
      Calculation is failure!


  4. c.niroshinie says:

    Is it possible to attach your model here?

  5. c.niroshinie says:

    I could solve your no 1 model by increasing the size of grids (reducing number of grids in lateral direction to 10 and no of grids in one wave length to 20 instead of 20 and 40). Here I use 0.005 as the time step. Also I kept bed deformation disabled.
    Alternatively you may run the same model you created by reducing your time step to 0.0001.

  6. hosseinamini4 says:

    Dear c.niroshinie
    I have also some questions about the principles of i-RIC: Does the software solve the problem stationary or time-dependent? Also, in terms of bed deformation, how we can define the bed current conditions like the formation, soil grading?

  7. c.niroshinie says:

    I am sorry, I am also a new user and my answers also according to the extent I understood.
    I am not very clear about your problem.
    However, as I understood
    For condition of soil – you can add soil grading curves if you select solver type advanced instead of standard calculation. There you can add soil grading curves in non uniform bed material.
    Regarding the bed formation, if you meant the fixed bed, you can add data in the geographic data – elevation of fixed bed.


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