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Create grid from polygon shape - Refined grid

  • Feb 19 2020
  • suikoken

Dear all,
I’ve been downloaded and installed the latest version i-RIC. I want to simulate a river modeling with a nested/refined grid. However in pre-processing step, I did not find the option to generate grid from polygon shape in Select Grid Creating Algorithm (picture attached). Is there any suggestion on which version it was fully provided?.

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  1. suikoken says:

    Arigatou Sensei, We hope it will be available shortly

  2. pritikumaricetpa says:

    To create a refined grid from a polygon shape in R, you can follow these steps
    Load the necessary packages
    Load the polygon shapefile
    Create a raster layer from the polygon shapefile using the rasterize() function
    Refine the grid by dividing each cell into smaller cells using the disaggregate() function
    Convert the raster layer to a spatial points dataframe using the rasterToPoints() function
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