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DEM data set 12.5m

  • Jun 03 2019

I had download this data set from UAF Alaska (12.5m) but I do not know how to convert this files until can import to iRIC Nay2DFlood, please tell me kind of the program and procedure how to convert.
The picture attached is my data set that I had download.
Thank you for your kind assistant

Capture 12.5 Data set.JPG
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  1. acaslam.suja says:

    Dear khanvixay.tx
    You have to convert DEM file to text file before export to iRIC. Arc-GIS or QGIS software can be used to convert DEM file to text file.
    Best Wishes

  2. msaid says:

    Hello Suja and khanvixay.tx,

    I tried to import tiff file to IRIC, but the software is frozen with tiff resolution 12.5m. Then I found this question and I converted my dem to text file and its size is about 50 mega. I tried to import it to IRIC, but nothing happen.

    I don’t know what should I do now.


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