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Density of Vegetation

  • Jan 24 2019
  • manioobn

Hi everybody,

could you please help me with determination for density of vegeatation ?

In the manual I found this

3.Edit Density of Vegetation
The user can set the density of vegetation on following window. Zero on the density of
vegetation means no vegetation in the computational cell. The user have to set this value zero or
My question is what it is value for example 10 ? and which units is it ?
Could you please explain a little bit for me ?

Thank you for you answer


  1. hamaki says:

    Please set value of “as” by meter units referring to manual P11.
    (II.4 Method of calculating resistance by vegetation)

  2. pritikumaricetpa says:

    The density of vegetation refers to the number of plants, trees, or other types of vegetation within a given area. It is usually measured in terms of the amount of foliage, biomass, or cover per unit area. if you’re looking to improve your coding skills or learn new technologies, Cetpa Infotech offers a range of courses and training programs to help you stay up to date with the latest developments in the field. Check out our website for more information.


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