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Failure of Calculation

  • Oct 05 2021
  • kamrulhasance07

I have run this program but failed. I do not know the reason. Please help me

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  1. iRIC admin says:

    “Calculation failure” often happens by a bad relationship between dt and grid width. To avoid it, we reccomend to use smaller dt or wide width grid.

  2. pritikumaricetpa says:

    Check your inputs: Make sure that you have entered the correct values for your calculations. Double-check any numerical data you have used, as even a small mistake can lead to a significant difference in the result.

    Check for errors or warnings: Look for any error messages or warnings that may have been displayed during the calculation. This can give you an idea of where the problem occurred.

    Check the formula or algorithm: Ensure that the formula or algorithm you are using is correct and that it is appropriate for the type of calculation you are performing.

    Check for software or hardware issues: If you are using software to perform your calculations, ensure that it is up to date and running correctly. If you suspect there may be a hardware issue, consider running a diagnostic test on your computer or device.

    Consult with an expert: If you are still unable to identify the issue, consider consulting with an expert in the field or someone who has experience with similar calculations. They may be able to provide additional guidance and help you find a solution.
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