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flow velocity arrows point uphill

  • Mar 28 2019
  • george.wilhere

When I look at the results of a simulation the velocity arrows point up hill (up slope) for the first few seconds. After that, the arrows gradually reverse direction and point downhill. What might I be doing wrong? Does anyone have an idea?


  1. george.wilhere says:

    I found that this problem is related to the algorithm used to make the grid. The problem occurs when I use “create grid by dividing rectangular region” but it does not occur when I use “create grid shape solving Poisson equation.” My elevation data describe a simple straight channel.

    • hosseinamini4 says:

      No, in my case, I used a multifunction algorithm to create the grid but similarily I saw the velocity arrows were pointed uphill. But in my opinion, it’s not wrong. The velocity arrow should be seen generally not just in a seconds.

  2. lavinamotashi says:

    That was quite a great answer!!


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