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Hot Start File doesn't show up in the Initial Conditions Window

  • Apr 22 2022
  • nghorani

When the 1D Step-backwater option is selected in the Initial Conditions Window, the Hot Start File does not show up (see attached image). I use FaSTEMCH 3.0.19 and 3.0.18. The older versions are no longer available.
How do I get around this problem?

1D step-backwater.PNG
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  1. jmn says:

    Hi Nisreen,
    If you are using an older version with a hot start option, there is no reason to ever use a 1d step-backwater option, as the hot start option uses the elevation in the hot start file. The newer version no longer supports the hot start file, as Fastmech is so fast that nobody seemed to use the hot start. When we rewrote Fastmech for the newer version of cgns, the hot start capability was removed.


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