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How to export the result to Google Earth

  • Feb 27 2019
  • tkthidarat0911

We have the questions about the i-RIC setting for export to Google Earth.
We set the coordinate is EPSG:32647 WGS84/UTM47. And then we
set for export to Google Earth , but we can not set transparent the background and the results are shift from the true position in the Google Earth. We try to export from Arc GIS .shp file, the result is correct the true position. We not sure, how we set something wrong. So may we consult from you. Thank you.

Best regards,


  1. keisuke.inoue says:

    Hi Thidarat,

    Thank you for using iRIC.
    Now we are preparing to reply to your question. Please wait for a while.



  2. tkthidarat0911 says:

    Hi Keisuke

    Thank you very much for your reply. But until now I am not receive email from you. I am not sure, maybe my email is a problem. Can you please send it to my new email (


  3. weldiantoro44 says:

    hai keisuke saya ingin bertanya cara untuk menggunakan iric itu dengan mengimput data apa?

  4. acaslam.suja says:

    Dear weldiantoro
    It is highly appreciated if you could answer in English
    Kind Regards

  5. fadelmuhammadibnunatsir says:

    why i can’t import elevation> import from web (gheography data)


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