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How to generate mesh for river confluence on Nays2DH solver?

  • Feb 22 2019
  • goefaldi

I build a model which has a river confluence and I hope can be solved with Nays2DH solver.
According to Nays2DH Solver manual p.28, there is possibility to create a tributary inflow schematic with 2 inflows
(main channel and tributary channel).
My model, typically has same river schematic as described on p.28 (Type A), but I couldn’t get some information how to create computational grid like that.
Can anybody tell me, how to generate a Type A mesh with Nays2DH solver ?


  1. champon says:

    Currently, the iRIC does not have nice and flexible functions for generating structured-type computational grids for river confluence simulations. Alternately, you will generate the computational grid using different software and import the grid into the iRIC. The iRIC can import several types of file format for computational grid. You will see one example below,

    Also, the model, which adopts the structured grid system, like Nays2DH has some problems to perform the flow and bed evolution simulation at river confluence since the grid system is not flexible enough. You can also use the model which uses unstructured grid system. Sometime it will be more better choice for river confluence calculations.

  2. S K says:

    Hi KeitaHoshino,
    Thank you, the document will help much.

    thank you once again for reply.


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