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How to input raw data from Bathymetry survey?

  • Dec 13 2021
  • regatu2018

Good day. I am currently enrolled in River Hydraulics for my Doctorate degree. We are using IRIC with Nays2DH solver for our topic in the analysis of river behavior. With this, we would like to ask how to input raw data from the bathymetry survey? Thank you so much.


  1. champon says:

    The data format, which can be importable to the iRIC, is described at following page of iRIC user manual.

    You may consider .riv, .tpo, csv file for bathymetry data.

  2. pritikumaricetpa says:

    To input raw data from a bathymetry survey, you can follow these general steps:

    Collect the data: Conduct a bathymetry survey using a sonar device to measure the depth of the water at regular intervals. Ensure that you collect data for the entire area you are interested in and at a suitable resolution.

    Transfer the data: Once the survey is complete, transfer the data from the sonar device to a computer or storage device using a suitable data transfer method.

    Import the data: Import the raw data into a suitable software or program that can handle the data format used by the sonar device. Some popular software options for bathymetry data processing include QPS Qimera, HYPACK, and CARIS.

    Clean the data: Clean and filter the data as needed to remove any erroneous or noisy measurements that could affect the accuracy of the final bathymetric map.

    Process the data: Process the cleaned data to create a final bathymetric map, which could include interpolating between data points, creating contours, and generating 3D visualizations.

    Export the data: Once the processing is complete, export the final bathymetric map in a suitable format for further analysis or use. Common formats for bathymetry data include ASCII, XYZ, and LAS.
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