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Ingestion of cross-section data already processed to a projection line

  • Oct 05 2023
  • jrfount

Good day!

It’s been years since I worked with a command line version of SAC and I am truly appreciative of what has been done with iRIC to create a modernized GUI for data interpretation. I have a question about data import though.

I work with cross sections that have already had projections done so my output is a .csv that contains a station and elevation value. These represent multiple sections of a channel combined together. I would like to utilize those for some basic channel characteristics review of each cross section. Specifically: total area, wetted perimeter, top width, and hydraulic radius. I would also like to work with subsectioning some areas and looking at % of total area/wetted perimeter for each subsection.

Is it possible to use my existing files?

stationlocation,z (ie -57.2,6.36). I attempted to hold the first column as the X value and create a middle column with a constant 0 for Y. The data ingested but was never visible in SAC.

I am very new to this program so please don’t assume I’m not missing easy answers here, I have just been unable to find the answer in the documentation.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

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