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Multi layer function

  • Oct 21 2019
  • azordeh121

When we use non-uniform material in Nays2DH , in setting “non-uniform material information” part we should enter these values: Thickness of bedload layer, Thickness of deposited layer and Thickness of movable bed layer. I’m modeling non-uniform bed material in movable channel, and the thickness of bed material is 0.01m. by this supposition, what amount should I enter for thickness of layers?
In Nays2DH user manual these values do not explain well. I’ll be pleased that you explain these layers simply to me.
Best regards


  1. UC-1h says:

    There are many ways to do that, please refer as an example.

    “Thickness of bedload layer” : Maximum grain size(dmax) or d90 etc.
    “Thickness of deposited layer” : 2dmax etc.
    “Thickness of movable bed layer under the initial bed(m)” : 0.01.

    If the fix bed exposed,
    “Elevation of fixed bed(m)” on “Object browser” : Set elevation of the fixed bed.
    “+How to set elevation of fixed bed” on “Calculation Condition” : Use elevation data of fixed bed.


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