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Obstacle Doesn't Appear

  • Nov 14 2019
  • f.julianisa

I tried to use an obstacle in the iRIC Nays2DH simulation for river sedimentation but, when I checked at the post processing window after I running the software, the obstacle was missing. How can I fix this problem? I run it with iRIC 2.3 version 32bit. Thanks before.

No Obstacle appear.PNG
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  1. UC-1h says:

    If you use an obstacle by polygons, I suggest that you try follows before the calculation.
    (1) Remapping polygons.
    Grid > Attribute Mapping > Execute > Check All > OK
    (2) Check Cell attributes.
    Object Browser > Grid > Cell attributes > Obstacle > check box

  2. UC-1h says:

    If the polygon does not contain 4 grids of the cell, it will not be mapped on iRIC2.3.
    But, On iRIC3.0, if the polygon contains the cell center, it will be mapped.
    In the future, the mapping method may be improved to support complex polygons.

  3. heba.elsaman24 says:

    Hello , how can i put obstacle consists of two parts , one part is permeable and the second one is impermeable ? thank you

  4. npssubedi1 says:

    What does mean by obstacles, either it act as a erodible or non-erodible, completely restricts the the flow or not (only partially
    restricts the flow)?
    How can i give the size of the obstacle? Obstacle is permeable or not?
    I have used the obstacle by defining the obstacle of Embankment by making polygon but i didn’t feel more difference in the result?
    I have to mapped the about 22Km long embankment at R/B as a obstacle.
    Could i please get the way in detail to solve the above mentioned problem?


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