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Question about Input Elevation Data

  • Apr 18 2020
  • lumingda1993

Dear all,

I am working on a project which River Morphodynamics Modelling is involved. I found that iRIC software Nays2DH could help. I tried the tutorial with given .xyz and .riv file as Elevation Data input, now I am willing to apply it on my study field. I have the .tif file from USGS as input (one of the acceptable input formats based on the user manual), however, when I was trying to create the grid, it did not work well. I have noticed that the solver is written in the Boundary Fitted General Coordination system, and I am now trying to convert my .tif file to a similar .xyz or .riv file for input. Could anyone please share some ideas regarding to the conversion from .tif to .xyz or .riv? Thank you for your kindly help.



  1. acaslam.suja says:

    First, You have to convert tif file to ASCII format (x,y,z) using Arc-GIS or QGIS software. Then only it can be uploaded to iRIC.


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